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I’ll be in Portland, Oregon this weekend to attend the World Domination Summit hosted by Chris Guillebeau and company.   This Summit is a meet up of 450 plus like-minded individuals who want to live an unconventional life.  In someways, I feel like I’m doing just that by living in the basement and renting out the two real physical rooms in my townhouse.  This unique living situation allows me to create an entrepreneurial venture where I’m generating cash flow from the two bedrooms.  With the cash flow or flow as I like to call it for short, I’m able to aggressively pay down my mortgage.

There’s going to about 450 plus attendees, but not all of them are from the United States, some are traveling from other countries.  From the main site, you can see a world map with a twitter profile marking the region each attendee is traveling from.

I’m really looking forward to meeting other people with interesting projects and how they’re going about living an unconventional life.  Traveling is one of my passions and I’ll most likely meet career break masterminds who have quit their jobs cold turkey to join the ranks of a vagabond.  That to me is one inspiring story, doesn’t it?

Besides, meeting people with interesting projects, there’s going to be well-established bloggers and entrepreneurs who have hit their goals and plan to share their remarkable stories with the attendees.

I have no idea what to expect, which the allure of this World Domination Summit.

I’ll report back about the experience.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Simon Davison


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