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I really had no expectations for the World Domination Summit as I was driving myself to the airport last Friday morning.  All I knew was:  I was going to Portland, OR – a city I haven’t spent too much time in.  I was going to meet new people and sample some food from the world famous food carts Portland is known for.  In my mind, those thoughts didn’t seem too bad for a weekend, but the World Domination Summit is something I never experience before and had no idea what to expect.


What Happened at the World Domination Summit?

It turned out to be an awesome event with really inspiring keynote speakers from Pam Slim, Leo Babauta, John Unger, and several other awesome people.  I even got to meet a few of them!, which is amazing.  Have you ever met a blogger in person?  It gives their blog another element of life after hearing their voice in person.

Besides the keynote speakers, there were several break out sessions with the bloggers where they fielded a Question and Answer type discussion session, which has really helped me out in a way to network and build a better content map for blogging.

Saturday night, there were several different excursions planned out depending on your preference.  I opted for the Pedal Portland Bike Tour.  What better way to get familiar with a city than riding the streets?  FYI: Portland, OR is ranked as the most bicycle friendly city in the U.S.  – I didn’t know that prior to my visit.

Portland Skyline

Portland, OR skyline from the bike tour

What does this have to do with Renting Out Rooms?

Since, I’m an out of town visitor, I needed a place to stay and wanted to keep the trip on the cheap.  So what  better way to safe costs by splitting a hotel room?  That’s exactly what I did.  I found another World Domination Summit attendee via twitter and ended up splitting the cost of the room with him – playing the roommate roulette game.  The roommate, Jeff was a really nice guy from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).  Although, we did our own things and ate breakfast at different times, we both well received each other’s presence given that fact we barely knew each other and we’re going to spend more than two nights in the hotel.

Without any prior experience with renting out rooms, I wouldn’t have been so inclined to try the random roommate with a person I just met on twitter.

Would I Recommend Attending the World Domination Summit?

Yes, I would highly recommend attending.  There are tons of unique minded people at the World Domination Summit from artist, to writers, to dancers – it really brings a totally different perspective to life.  It’s inspiring to see people do what their passionate about rather than doing something for the sake of money or some other incentive.  That’s probably my biggest take away from the weekend.

I’m heading back there next year and I hope to see you there meeting new people and telling them what your passionate about.



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