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Some folks have e-mail me asking me if I plan on continuing to blog. The answer is yes. I’m grateful for all the folks that read what I have to say. I think the support and questions I receive are encouragement for me to keep blogging.

Back in March I quit my job to travel full-time. One of the places I recently visited was Fiji and New Zealand. The internet connectivity there was very slow. A lot of places, you had to pay for wifi and it was slow – barely to enough to check e-mail. Additionally, since most of my time was spent over seas, I didn’t have much to write about in my day-to-day life about being a live-in landlord.

I returned from New Zealand this past Tuesday. I caught up with some of my roommates. Two of the roommates informed me they’ll be moving out in the middle of January 2015.

This poses a problem because I’m slated to travel to Africa to ring in the New Year’s in Cape Town. The problem is compounded with the fact that communication along with the time zone difference makes for a less than rapid response.

To prevent two rooms going unoccupied while I’m away in Africa, I’ve placed an advertisement looking for a roommate(man, has craigslist changed over the course of this year).

I received one interested person and he’s coming to take a look this weekend. If he does decide to move in, he’ll have to do it while I’m away and entrust that everything will go smoothly.

Then the other room, I have a lot of trust and agreement with the roommate currently residing there. He’ll assist with the move-in of the new roommate. Additionally, I’ve commissioned him to find a replacement roommate when he moves out.   For his time and troubles, he’ll receive a bounty of percentage of first two full-months worth of rent to which he agreed.


This is my first time leaving it up to someone to find a replacement roommate. I’m going to give him some guidelines as what to question and screen for.

One such question I ask and is included in my guide to reliable roommates is to ask why they want to move in and where they work. These questions are essential because their response will dictate whether my residential location justifies having them move in.

When I return from Africa, I’ll have new and unfamiliar faces that will be greeting at my house. I’m a little nervous about it, but somewhat excited to meet them. Excited because it stems from the fact that it’s something new.


Now, this is stuff that I can write about when I hear about it when I’m on the road. I don’t know how this is going to play out, but in some ways I’m excited to share my story on this blog. I’m trying to think of new ways and content that encourages and motivates others to rent out a room. I’m hoping this experience won’t deter those.

  • Josh December 22, 2014, 2:34 pm


    I enjoy hearing about your experiences. I am at an interesting turning point myself with my room rental. I am in the process of moving to a new state, and my home is for sale. My roommate has agreed to stay on as a “caretaker” until the house sells. He will pay the same rent, which is enough to cover utilities and about 1/4 of the note. I am trusting him to keep the place show ready and to work with my realtor on showings.

    The only condition is he needs 30 days notice to find a place once the house is under contract. Any thoughts on this arrangement?

    • Mike December 23, 2014, 11:06 pm

      Joshua, It’s acceptable assuming that your roommate is responsible enough to keep the house clean and meet appointments with the realtor. I’m assuming you’re moving to another state for a job and thus can’t be at your house on a daily basis. My reason is my own choice, I could back out on my trip. I’m interested in hearing how your story turns out.

  • Sean December 24, 2014, 10:47 am

    I will be interested to hear about you walking into your house and having someone living there you have never met. Sounds like somthing out of a movie. Safe travels!


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