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I called a contractor in my house this past weekend to inquiry about replacing the two windows in my bedrooms.  Both bedrooms are occupied by my roommates and I always ask permission before entering.  My female roommate is away on vacation and so I texted her to obtain permission to go into her room.  Permission was granted and so the window contractor and I entered her room.

Upon entering, one couldn’t help but notice the mess.  Cloths was everywhere.  It was chaos, but it’s not my area to complain after all, it is her personal space because that’s what she’s paying me rent for.

I walk towards the window and pull up the shades and there on the window cill, there’s a box of condoms and lubes just sitting there in plain sight.  With the contractor there taking measurement, it was just plain awkward.  You know it’s a chick’s room by the articles of clothing on the floor and everywhere.  The contractor as professional and finished his job and we both left.

I have to commend my roommate for being responsible by putting a helmet on her man’s soldier before setting it off to action.

It makes me wonder if my roommate is flushing those helmets down the toilet because it’s really not good for the plumbing.

My question is can  I bring up that question based on the fact that I saw those articles on the window cill? After all, she did give me permission to enter her bedroom.  It is the plumbing of my house that I’m trying to safe guard.

What’s your thoughts?

  • Jason March 24, 2013, 9:14 pm

    Make a rule that only human waste goes in the toilet. I had plumber come in to fix a broken toilet and he pulled out a wad of q-tips. Roommates need reminders 🙂

  • KC @ genxfinance April 9, 2013, 8:34 am

    Jason’s right. Set some ground rules man.


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