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I get more e-mails than not from folks asking to advertise their spare room on my blog. An example of said e-mail is as follows:

I’m trying to rent out my room and I think I keep getting those fakechecks that you guys are talking about. How do set up a profile on this website? I’m not a tech savvy person so please be a specific as possible.

The point of this post isn’t to mock anyone. I understand that people are not tech savvy and some may think that this blog is a service board to advertise a spare room for rent. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t offer such a service.



What this site is my personal account of renting out my two spare rooms to roommates I found using the internet. So far, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

The point I want to drive home with this blog is to give other homeowners a vote of confidence that money can be made by renting out their spare room. In addition, that roommates found on the internet can be reliable and my experience is living proof of that.

Yes, there are annoyances with having roommates, you loose your privacy, you have to share your house, and it gets dirtier. However, the financial benefits are huge so that’s why I still rent out rooms.

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