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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for what seems like infrequent.  I’ve been busy with my day job.  In addition to that I’ve been traveling so that basically sucks the energy right out of me.

With that being said, nothing eventful has occurred with my new roommate or perhaps I’ve been too busy to notice anything unusual.  In either case none of my roommates have complained about my absence or any maintenance issues with my townhouse.   <- This is a good thing when you’re life is on the fly.  I don’t have to make calls to a repair man or trouble shoot problems such as a leaky plumbing.

How’s the New Roommate Panning Out?

My 10th and newest roommate to move started his job this past Monday.   The new roommate seems like a good in that he’s responsible and clean – the top two characteristics I look for in a roommate.  In addition to being responsible and clean, he seems to be getting along well with my other roommate, which is a huge relief because the two did not have a change to meet each other prior to moving in.   For those homeowners thinking about renting out more than one bedroom, this is a valid concern.  You never know whether personalities between three people will work out.  It’s sometimes hard enough to have two people get along nevertheless having three people just complicates things.  Luckily for me(knock on wood), I rarely had any personality issues or even worse yet, have two roommates throw a coup or band together on a complaint.

Raising the Rent

My other roommate who is in the Navy is going on shore duty in about a month so he’ll no longer be the perfect roommate – paying rent on time and in full while living somewhere else.  When he’s on shore duty, he won’t be assigned to a ship, hence he won’t go under way to sea.  When I realized he would be out to sea for the majority of the time, I charged him less rent than I would if somebody who was regularly living in my townhouse.  When he goes on shore duty, I’m going to raise the rent price back to what he was paying when he first moved in.  I’m just hoping he’ll understand and that he won’t complain or have any bitter feelings.

That’s all for now stay tuned for some guest posts in the month of March and my news about my big trekking adventure to the base camp of Mt. Everest.


Creative Commons License photo credit: MattHurst


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