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Absolutely nothing eventful happened this week with my roommates because my roommate who is in the Navy is still at sea and my newest roommate is away on business travel.  So, I had my own place to myself the entire week.  There’s also a good chance I’ll have the place to myself all weekend too.

On another note, I’ve received my quarterly water and sewer bill this week.  The total for each bill was $28 and $80 respectively.   In contrast, the previous quarter bill was $53 and $129.  Why the large disparity?  I attribute it to my former roommate Sharon, who used to take 30 min showers.

Yes, that’s true 30-minute showers.  I only spend 10 minutes in the shower at most, but come on, 30 minutes is just ridiculous.  I know females take a little bit longer than guys do, but really?

I should have said something about it, but she spent most of her time at her boy friends house and I didn’t really run in to her often, basically she used my place to sleep and shower.

This quarter, I find myself in a favorable position with the sewer and water bill.  I felt this was worth mentioning because some readers may be wondering how roommates can affect the utility bills.  As you can see, one roommate who takes daily 30-minute showers can affect your utility bill.

I don’t split the utility bills because it’s just too time consuming to wait for the bills to arrive (either in the mail or e-statement) and split amongst us.  Additionally, it can also be the source of conflicts and arguments.  To avoid all this, I just have one flat rate for rent and pro-rate the rent if the roommate moves out during the middle of the month.  It keeps it simple.


I joined the Yakezie challenge, but I don’t have the banner posted yet.  Look for it in the coming week with a new blog re-design.  I promise it will be cool and fun looking.



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