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Here’s a quick update on what’s going in the land of renting out rooms.

On Wednesday (8/25) afternoon, I finally received the remaining rent payment from my roommate, Sharon(not her real name).  So, we’re all squared up until the 1st of September.

She is also planning to move out by the 1st of September to move back in with her parents until she can find a job to support herself.  She’s slowly starting to move out over the course of the next few days, when I noticed some of her domestic décor missing from the bathroom this morning.

Prior to having Sharon move in, I would describe my place to be clean, but lacking some homely décor.  Sharon provided that homely décor by having flowers on the kitchen counter and decorative little rolled up towels on the bathroom shelf.  So, I’ll miss her presence in the sense.   With that being said, this is a good opportunity to talk about male and female roommates.

Male vs. Female Roommates

Sharon has been the second female roommate in my journey of renting out rooms.  I have received some questions about differences between renting to males and females.  To me, I’m easy going and don’t have a preference of sex when it comes to roommates.

Regardless of sex, we have been respectful of each other’s privacy and personal belongings.  The bedroom doors do not have locks.  To my knowledge, none of my current or past roommates have gone in the other person’s room without permission.

Also, I want to add that my place was not well domesticated before Sharon moved in.  It was clean, but lack some of that home-style decoration a female may posses.  When Sharon moved in, she brought some domestication by means of adding minor décor to the bathroom and kitchen, which I didn’t mind at all.

My rationale is “Hey, if it makes her feel more at home and doesn’t bother me or my other roommate, I have no problems with it.”

My previous male roommates were more concerned about fit, form, and function.  If the shower and toilet worked they could careless what kind of decoration was in the bathroom.

That’s the difference I have noticed between renting to females and males.

The On Going Roommate Search

I want to find a roommate to replace Sharon and started the process by placing advertisements on roommates.com and craiglist.  So far, I had a few inquiries from craigslist, but I don’t think they will materialize to having a person move in.

This morning, I changed my craigslist advertisement to try something different to make it stand out amongst other advertisements.  I hope it works!

On roommates.com, I have no messages from potential roommates. Although, I did send some e-mails to roommates deemed matches.

Another Twist in the Search

To add to the uncertainty of finding a roommate online, my other roommate Dan(not his real), who is in the Navy informed me that he will be going underway(going out sea) for about a month and half.  This poses a problem because any roommate that moves in will not get a chance to meet Dan prior to moving in.

I know Dan is easy going so he’ll probably get along with who ever moves in.  My concern is the new roommate who moves in.  I just don’t want to have a situation where a roommate moves in for a few weeks then moves out after meeting Dan.  I’m not saying there something wrong with Dan, but I want to eliminate any surprises upfront to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

I’ll have to find a roommate that feels perfectly comfortable moving in without meeting the third roommate.  This makes it a harder sell, thus making it slightly more challenging to find a roommate.

Have a great weekend!



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