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As of this Saturday, my new roommate, Mitch(not his real name)  has been living in my townhouse for a week – everything seems to be going well.  He has a well paying job that allows him to pay the rent without any difficulties.  He also keeps the place clean and tidy after cooking, thus so far; I have nothing to complain about.

Mitch sets an example that you can find reliable roommates via craigslist.  I had to run a craigslist advertisement for about two weeks before finding Mitch.  His motivation for moving into my residence was because he was renting space in a basement of a friend’s house.  Since the space resided in a basement, he suffered from congestion due to the mildew like smell from the basement, thus forcing him to find a more habitable place to live.

Of course, I asked Mitch why he wanted to move into my residence when I was showing him my place to see if his intentions made sense to me.

Asking a potential roommate why they want to move in is often a very good first question to ask.  If their needs don’t fit with your offering, then it is probably not going to work out.   Conversely, if they do align like in my case and they can afford to make the rent payment, then it often translates to a reliable roommate.


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