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Weekend Update: New Chapter with a New Roommate

After a week and a half of searching for a roommate, I found one via craigslist.  The new roommate, Mitch, which of course is not his real name, is moving in today.  I met up with him yesterday during my lunch break to finalize the logistics, ie 1st months rent, security deposit.  I offered to help move some of his larger personal items with my truck to get to know him better during the day, but he declined as he has one of his friends helping him.

Despite the good news of finding a replacement roommate within a few weeks of Sharon moving out, there’s a slight hitch this time around with the roommate search.

Slight Hitch

You may or may not know I rent out two of my rooms to two separate people, one of which is in the Navy and goes underway (out to sea) in excess of 30 days.   When it comes to renting out a room, this is a slam-dunk in term of the most ideal roommate because I’m essentially collecting a rent check without dealing with any of the inconveniences of a roommate.  So essentially, he is paying me rent to store his furniture.  In most cases, this is a good thing.

However, this time, with him being away, it brings a slight complication – they couldn’t meet him prior to moving in.   Since my roommate in the Navy was out at sea, any potential roommate could not meet him when I was doing a walk through of my residence.

I told any potential roommate: “yeah it would be around mid October when my other roommate finally returns from his underway.”  By then my new roommate will have been living in my residence for nearly a month before he meets my other roommate.

I asked the new roommate about this complication and I asked whether he is comfortable with this.  He said he’s all right with it.  I never had this situation occur during the years of renting out my spare rooms.

The Uncertainty

Only time will tell whether things go smoothly.  Would you be comfortable sharing a place to live without meeting all the roommates?  I tried to be descriptive on his personality to any potential roommates when I was showing my place.  I don’t anticipate any problems between the two as the roommate who is in the Navy is easy going.

What are you thoughts about sharing a place to live without meeting all the roommates?

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  • Amir September 18, 2010, 5:14 pm

    If the two of you, the potential roommate and you, are easy going and can sense that in each other, and you tell the potential roommate that a third person is easy going, then he has no reason to question your attestation. That third person happens to be his potential roommate; well, at some point he will have to put some trust in you, so why not take your word on this.


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