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On Thursday, Dan(not his real name), my roommate in the Navy returned from being out at sea.  So my two roommates will finally get a chance to meet each other for the first time.

It’s kind of a funny story how they ran into each other at my residence.  Mitch, my newer roommate had his girlfriend stay over for a night(he of course asked permission before doing so) and she was home by herself during the day when Mitch was at work.  When Dan came home, he ran into to Mitch’s girlfriend and thought she was the new roommate.  Later on the in the day, Mitch came home and introduced himself and finally met for the first time.  So, in the end, everyone knew who each other was.

Going Away for the Weekend

I’ll be leaving my two roommates by themselves as I’ll be in Chicago.  This will be the first time that this combination of roommates will be by themselves.  I didn’t leave specific directions to get the mail and take out the trash as it’s a short weekend trip.  Also, I’ll still be State side so I can be reached via a phone call or text as opposed to going abroad where I can only be reached by e-mail(I don’t take my cell phone abroad to avoid high roaming charges).  If any situation arises, I can be reached fairly quickly.  I don’t anticipate any problems.  Watch, those will be my famous last words.


Really Really close to the new blog re-design being up


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