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This weekend, I’m going away to visit my parents, leaving my new roommate by himself.  As of today, this new roommate, Mitch has been renting a room from me for exactly two weeks.  Meanwhile, my other roommate who I trust because he’s been renting my other room for more than a year is out at sea(he’s in the Navy).

What makes me feel okay leaving the new roommate by himself only after two weeks of knowing him?

First off, it’s his profession.  He’s an engineer.  Engineers generally speaking have reserved personalities.  This new roommate is no exception.  He is talkative and we do converse when we are home.  However, I don’t see him being the type of person throwing raging parties or going out to clubs and getting loaded like a freight train.

Secondly, he is studying for his Fundamentals of Engineering exam.  He’s scheduled to take this text at the end of October and is motivated to pass the first time around.  Needless to say, he is spending a few hours a day preparing for the exam.

Lastly, he’s considerate.  He leaves the front porch light on when I come home late.  None of my previous roommates have done this for me.  This is quite a welcomed surprise and I appreciate this little friendly expression.

Despite the fact I’ve known Mitch for only two weeks, these are just a few comforting reasons why I feel okay leaving him by himself.  As for anyone reading my posts, you can somewhat get a feel for a new roommate’s personality by their profession.  A pencil pusher may be a bit more reserved whereas a sales person might be more gregarious and outgoing.

Watch next weekend when I write up an update, something completely out of the ordinary happens. Haha


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