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I’m headed to LA for a long 4-day weekend.  Last weekend, I was in Chicago.  In between this weekend and last, I some how managed to squeeze in 40 hours at my full time job.  With that all being said, I haven’t had much time to be home.

Traveling and being busy can be a good thing when living with roommates because it keeps your mind occupied and not forcing you to worry about silly little annoyances your roommates may do.  For instance, sometimes my roommates aren’t always prompt in checking mail, leaving two days worth of mail piled up in the mailbox.  If I’m not present to take notice of the piled up mailbox, I can’t worry about it.  Eventually the mailbox will get noticeable full and one of my roommates will take appropriate action to remedy the problem.  It’s kind of like out of sight out of mind.

Conversely, it’s ideal to be present when you rent your rooms out especially to strangers off craigslist.  However, I have a life outside as an in “live-landlord,” and it’s nearly impossible to be home all the time.  One of my passions is to travel and I don’t let renting out rooms stop me from doing so.  So don’t think that you can’t go away on vacation or travel for work if you have roommates.  I’m living proof that you can still travel while renting out a room.

Lastly, I noticed that my place is getting a little dirtier and we’ll have to do a scheduled cleaning sometime in the coming weeks.  This will be the first time my newest roommate has partaken in one of these cleanings.  I don’t think I can make my roommates do a scheduled cleaning without myself being present.  There’s no way for me to be away for an extended period of time


As you may have noticed, I redesigned my blog. If you like it please comment on it.  Also congrats to my friend Dony who is getting married on Sunday.


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