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I left my job to travel full-time and it’s been great.  I spent a little more than 2 months abroad.  During those times, I spent about 2 weeks in South Korea with my cousin and the rest of the time was spent traveling around Australia.

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Brdige

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Brdige

The feeling of having freedom is awesome.   Everyday is different because my schedule is up to me. With my freedom, I’ve been visiting tourist sights and also meeting people partaking in Crossfit workouts.

Also I’ve been checking in on my place from time to time with text messages or e-mails.


Toilet Fill Valve

Fill Valve

photo credit: landsharkphx 

The fill valve on one of the toilets failed causing low water in the toilet bowl not the tank itself.  When this valve failed, I was State side in NYC applying for tourist visa for my up coming trip.  I told my roommates to continue to use the toilet and I’ll fix it next week when I return home.  Had it happen while I was abroad, I would have no choice to call a plumber to fix it.  Even though I like to keep things in good working order, I didn’t call a plumber for this problem because I was state side and I could fix it myself next week.  A toilet fill valve is a $7 part and a plumber would have charged me an hours worth of labor($80-$100) to fix it.


My current plan is to schedule my over seas adventures to be 2 month to 2 and half months in duration at time.  This is because I want to return home to take care of stuff around the house, check my mail, and fill any vacant rooms if one of my roommates moves out.

To hedge against any vacant rooms while I’m away, I’m thinking about implanting a process where when one of my current roommate moves out, he or she would be take it upon themselves to find a replacement roommate.

Obviously, there would be no incentive for a roommate to do this if I didn’t pay them.  That’s why I’m going to offer a 20% of the first full months rent as a commission for landing a roommate.

To net out the security deposit, my current roommate moving out would take the security deposit from the new roommate.  Then whenever the new roommate moved out, he or she would receive the security deposit from me when I returned from overseas.

Think it’s risky?

It is. However, I’ve got a fairly good process for screening roommates and plan to give them the guidance they need to screen for reliable roommates.  I would also provide a template of my craigslist advertisement so that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I’ll post my updates as I try this new experiment if my roommates are up to the task.


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