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I just finished climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro last week and I’m in Zanzibar on the beach relaxing from roughing it on the trek. While I was out of touch from the real world, there were some developments or the lack there of.


My roommate search isn’t going exactly to as plan. I left one of my trusted roommates to seek out a replacement roommate for my vacant basement room. The trusted roommate did post advert from his craigslist account using my template. He did get some inquires and field them and even showed them around my residence.

However, no one wanted to move-in. One of the effective things one can do is “renew” your craigslist advert after it’s been originally posted. This ensures that your roommate advertisement will be “bumped” up to the top of the “rooms for share” category, thus having fresh views.

I did some snooping on craigslist only to find that the original craigslist post still stands at the bottom of the page and hasn’t been renewed.

I sent off an e-mail inquiring how the roommate search is going and it turns out, it’s been a “pain in the ass” so far. He’s bumped the message up a few days ago and we’ll see how it goes from now.


This past Tuesday, a blizzard hit the Northeast. Despite the fact I’m not there to endure the snow, it creates a bit of anxiety because my roommates are left to shovel our their cars and park it on the street while the driveway gets plowed. My town has been on the war path of having cars parked on the street while the plow trucks come through and I think even placing parking tickets(according to rumors).


My worst case is that I won’t find a roommate for Jan and Feb, meaning I’ll loose out on two months worth of rent from one room. This is the best scenario, but did have reserves to account for any unoccupancy during my travels. I’ll be back in the states in late February. If I don’t find a roommate, I plan to post a roommate advertisement mid-February so that I can start to field e-mails and setup showings the minute I get back home. It will be a rush, but that’s the hustle you need to stay on top of things.


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