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The roommate search may be coming to an end. Besides placing an advertisement on craigslist, I asked one of my former colleagues to place an ad on the company’s internal forums.

My entrusted roommate, whom I left the roommate search to, received a response from this advertisement.

My entrusted roommate showed him the room and answered any questions he may have had. However, the new roommate was still skeptical about the entire situation that he wanted to write an e-mail to me directly confirming that the room rental wasn’t a sublet and to verify the price and terms. The potential roommate confirmed in an e-mail he’s giving his old place 30 days notice and moving in. I haven’t heard any set move-in date, but I anticipate by the end of Feb.


The Northeast has been getting hammered with snow, starting with a blizzard about a week and a half ago where it dumped a consistent 18 inches. Since then there’s been a few snowstorms where accumulations have been up 10 additional inches of snow from the time the blizzard hit. It’s a good thing I’m not there to weather or shovel any of that.


My entrusted roommate also informed me that the kitchen faucet broke. I don’t know what he did, but he managed to fix it under his own initiative. I told him the name and number of my plumber and instructed him to buy a faucet fixture from Lowe’s so that the plumber can supply the labor to replace the existing the faucet. It would have cost me a $100 or so bucks for the hour worth of labor. I don’t know if my roommate’s fix is permanent, but I’m hoping his repair holds out until I can replace the fixture myself and save myself the labor cost of a plumber.


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