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Since the 1st of September, I’ve been on the other side of the world visiting Japan for vacation(holiday time).  I’ve been to Narita Airport on numerous occasions on layovers to other countries in the Far East, but I’ve never quite managed to make it into the Greater Tokyo area.  That’s all changed now.  I can now add Japan to the list of countries I visited.

As most of you know, I love to travel and don’t let the fact that I rent out rooms stop me from doing so.  I know that most homeowners are weary of renting out a spare room in their house let alone go on vacation while they renting out a room especially to place where you can’t be easily reached.

On this trip, this will be the first time I’m leaving my newest roommate of 3 months by himself along with my other roommate who has lived in my spare room while I’ve traveled.  My newest roommate is a little bit older and works a ton of hours during the week so I know he’ll be busy.   With these two roommates, I really don’t have any reason to worry about running the household chores while I’m gone.

I’ll admit my household chores are really simple when I’m on travel for a couple weeks.  The limited activities include:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Getting the mail
  • Don’t piss off the neighbors

The latter is stated because it’s implying don’t throw parties or large gatherings.  I generally don’t have to worry about this because my roommates are not the “type” of people that throws parties.  They have their own lives and it usually doesn’t involve getting “loaded like a freight train” every weekend.



The one thing that I didn’t mention in any other posts is that I’m a minimalist meaning I don’t own many things.  My bedroom area consists of a bed, desk, closet system, and two small bookshelves.  Additionally, I don’t own many valuable possessions other than my laptop that’s worth pilfering.  With the lack of valuable possessions, I’m a little bit less worried about my personal possessions back home.

I kind have created a lifestyle where I my lack of material belongings allow me rent out my spare rooms while not worrying about theft or abuse of my personal belongings.  My lack of material possessions has been instrumental in paying my second mortgage and funding my travels.


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  • krantcents September 12, 2011, 10:38 pm

    I love to travel and am able to do so because of a low profile lifestyle. It helps that we downsized after the children moved out and we have no debt excetp for a small mortgage


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