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Next week, I’ll be visiting South Korea for about two weeks.  Right now, the weather in CT is turning seasonably colder as expected.   With the season changing, the heat is going to get some use.  My biggest concern about leaving on this trip is wondering if my roommates are responsible enough to turn off the heat(it’s electric heat) when they are not using it.   If they feel cold, I don’t mind one single bit when they turn on the heat, it’s when they turn it on and forget to turn it off when they go out.

Now, I can choose to split my utilities, but collecting the rent becomes more complicated because I have to wait until the utility bills arrives, and then announce the rent price for that month.  Right now, I charge a fixed price for rent, which allows me to automate my finances by having my roommate direct deposit the rent check every month into my bank account, thus allowing me to freely go about my business such as with my traveling.

Basically, I have to weigh my options and determine what’s more important to me – keeping the electric bill inline or having the peace of mind that the rent check will be in my account on the first of the month.

I choose the latter because I know I’ll be home most of the time and thus ensure the heat is not getting wasted.  I’ve only had one unfortunate instance where the heating bill was astronomical.   However, this was back when I had my first roommate and I was just learning the rope of renting out a room.

Now that I’m smarter and remind my roommates to shut off the heat, I haven’t had a problem since.  There are times when I do find myself coming home to an empty house with the heat on, which annoys the hell out of me.

This is why I’m a bit concerned about going abroad during the colder seasons here in CT.  In the past, coincidentally, all my longer trips have been during the summer months and there was no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the heat.  Conversely, the AC unit gets more use during the summer time, but my AC unit is loud and it’s nearly impossible to forget to turn off before going out.

I’ll see how my electric bill comes out next month.  There’s not sense worrying about it.  I’m going to enjoy my trip and take it from there.


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