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Today is the day I’m launching my “Essential Background Checks to Land Reliable Roommates” guide book.


Renting out rooms Back ground search guide book

Have you been ever searching for a roommate and received an e-mails like this:

Example e-mail from potential roommate


You respond and engage in an e-mail conversation, things seem to be okay based on your e-mail and phone conversations, BUT…

  • How do you know if they really are who they say they are?
  • How do you know if this roommate will pan out to be a reliable roommate?
  • How do know if this roommate will cramp you life style?

They seem to talk up a good e-mail conversation or talk, so there’s no reason not to let them move-in. Right?

That move could be costly.

This guidebook, will give you some key questions to ask so you can deem a potential roommate to be reliable.  In addition to my questionnaire, I’ve also included my background search process.  There’s a right way and wrong way to go about it.

I wrote a post at Well Kept Wallet detailing the benefits of renting out a room.  I’m quoted “there’s very little time investment needed to earn the extra cash once you’ve done the initial work to find a suitable roommate.”

This statement is very true, but you need the right roommate to make tgat happen.

So that’s where my questionnaire comes into play. You want to learn from my experience so you to can get that reliable roommate and start earning money without hassle.  Once you land a reliable roommate, you can focus on your financial goal whether it’s:

  • Paying off student loans
  • Paying off credit cards
  • Saving for an emergency fund
  • Funding a renovation project

Look at this screen shot from my bank statement.


This is the money I’m collecting from the two people renting a room from me.  This is dated from March of this year.  Repeat this every month since then and that’s the money I’ve been making consistently EVERY month.

The key to making this happen is having reliable roommates occupy your spare rooms.  If you don’t you’ll be constantly chasing your roommates for the rent check every month, which will become a source of anxiety and consume your time.

Don’t go it alone, buy this guide book now!



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