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December 8-21, 2010

In the State of CT, it seems like every employer gives their employees a week off starting Christmas Eve to the day after New Year’s Day.  My employer does give me this week off and it is a nice benefit! My roommates in the past have also received this week off.  Often times, they use this  time to go back home to visit their friends and family.

This Christmas, the situation seems to be no different.  My roommate who is in the Navy flew back home to California while my other roommate drove home to PA.  However, my roommate that is in the Navy has to be back just before the New Year for work obligations.

I’m also going to go back home to visit my folks, but I elected to work a few days between Christmas Day and New Years because I have nothing planned(why not work and make a few extra bucks?) thus, I’ll be back in my townhouse the Monday after Christmas Day.

I originally had plans to go to Costa Rica the day after Christmas, but the Airline went bankrupt, halting all operations. Luckily I recieved a full refund.  That’s another story and I don’t want to diverge too far.

To Christmas Tree or Not to Christmas Tree

I would be nice to have a Douglass Fir in my living room, but in the past, some of my roommates did not celebrate Christmas and felt that getting a Christmas tree for myself seemed like a waste during those years.  This year, I didn’t get a tree because I felt the Christmas spirit was somewhat lacking in my house despite the fact all my roommate celebrated Christmas.  If my roommates wanted wanted to get a menorah or some other decorations for their appropriate religion, I wouldn’t mind at all.

While I have my townhouse to myself, I think I’m going to do some maintenance such as touching up the dry walls and wiring up another smoke alarm in the basement.  I’m also going to take measurements of my townhouse and write a post showing the floor plan.  I know some of you are wondering how spacious my townhouse is that allows me to have two roommates.

I’m going to make the most of my time without my roommates.

Creative Commons License photo credit: osseous


Happy Holidays to all.  I’ll be making regularly post during my week off.


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