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Worn out leg
The other day, I was struggling to adjust the clock on the oven for daylight savings time because the oven is old and a POS.  It was then I realized, I should replace the oven, but it would be a foolish investment because it would get used and abused a lot from my roommates and any future roommates.  I also realized that amount of wear and tear roommates caused on my dwelling and household items, so I thought I could elaborate this into a post.

Understand now, single family homes may experience the same wear and tear, but roommates seems to add a bit more wear than a family would because roommates come and go and show some indifference.

Here are the top items that is starting to show wear after the years of renting out my spare rooms

1.  Floors/Carpet – It’s not a big surprise carpeting is going to wear out fast especially if your roommates tend to wear shoes inside.  I grew up in an Asian household where we took off our shoes and that definitely prolongs the life of the carpet and keeps the floors cleaner.  So I’ve implemented the shoes off policy in the wintertime so that snow/salt doesn’t get tracked inside onto the hardwood floors and carpeting.   So far, my roommates have complied with this rule.   I’ve also put in the cheapest Berber carpet when I first moved in.  At a $1.25 a square feet, I don’t expect it to last, but I want to get the most miles out of the carpet.

2.  Cooking ware/Dishes – If you have roommates that like to cook, your pots and pans are going to see some heavy wear.   My Teflon coated non-stick pans are just about worn out and should be replaced.  In addition to worn out pots/pans, I’ve also lost some utensils such as forks and spoons.

Worn Pan from overuse

Worn Pan from overuse

My roommates that pack their own lunch have decided upon themselves to bring my kitchen utensils with their packed lunches and forget about them. I also amassed a decent pint glass collection during my college career.  One rule I have is that if you break of my pint glasses, it has to be replaced.  I don’t care if they steal it from a bar or a buy it.  Just replace it and it has to be a unique glass too.

Pint Glass Collection

Pint Glass Collection Accrued from the College Years

3.  Appliances – My stove is old.  I really could use a new stove that is more modern than the one I have, but as I soon as I upgrade to a new stove, it’s immediately going to see a lot of use and depreciate faster than I would like it to.  So that is why I’m still rocking the old one you see below.

My Old Worn out Stove

My Old Worn out Stove, it's been there since the unit was built

This old stove is working just fine and my roommate are not complaining, what’s the point of spending $800 on a new stove?  I figure I’ll just try to get as many miles out of this old stove while it’s still works.

There you have it some items that wear out fast or faster when you’re renting out a rooms.  Now, if you have roommates that think throwing out pizza boxes means doing the dishes, you’re obviously not going to see much wear on your oven or loose your utensils.

Creative Commons License photo credit: oliver ruhm


Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days and I’m also headed on a three week trek to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest.  Don’t worry, I have some guest posts lined up.



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