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Where ever you live, you’re going to have a mailing address and with a mailing address, you’re going to have mail delivered whether it’s important documents or unsolicited junk mail.  It’s funny how once my roommates change their address over to my townhouse; an inflow of mail suddenly appears from credit companies trying to get you to apply to their awesome credit cards.

Eventually my roommates move out.  They change their address and their mail no longer get delivered to my address as it should be.  However, there is a period of time where mail still gets delivered for sometime even after they move out.  So what do I do with the mail that still arrives?

Take for example, Sharon who moved out in August of 2010.  I still get several pieces of mail addressed to her on a weekly basis.  In her case, I’ve been collecting them in a pile and tell her to come pick them up.

The other options to do with your roommates mail are as follows:

Collect them – I’ve been doing this with Sharon’s mail since she moved out.  In fact, the post image is her stack of mail since moving out.  Some of it seems important; some of it is definitely junk mail.

Forward mail to their new address – Since I have gotten along with my roommates and they all moved out amicably, I have no problems spending my own money and resources to forward their mail on to them.  I’ve done this with several of my roommates who still get an occasional piece of mail.

Thrash them – Yes, I’ve done this only after receiving written permission from my roommates.  I’m a big fan of e-mail as it can be checked anywhere an internet connection is available.  I use this medium as a form of obtaining written permission to trash their mail.

The most common thing I do is collect their mail for several months and mail forward them to my roommates’ new address.  Often times, the cost is no more that a few buck plus the cost of the envelope.   Again, I’ve

In Sharon’s case, we didn’t exactly part ways on good terms – she was late paying rent and eventually moved out.  When Sharon moved out in August, she was moving back in with her parents.  If she is still living with her parents, she is only a short 20 minute drive away and there’s no sense in mailing something where someone could easily drive to pick up a stack of mail.


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