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A lot of people e-mail me asking for help renting out their spare room. Besides having a mindset of sharing your personal space with roommates, which I stated in my Quick Start Guide, you’ll need a spare room to rent out.

Now every “live-in landlord” I’ve interacted with has a different definition of a spare room. For instance, one might consider a garage with space heaters to be considered a spare room(I personally don’t think it is), but they might advertise such a room and wonder why they’re not getting any responses. Others might have a loft space that’s perfectly livable while the overwhelming majority has legitimate rooms or close to it. To give an example of the rooms that can be rented out, I figured I post a few pictures and descriptions of my rooms.

Bedroom 1

Large Bedroom renting out rooms

Large Bedroom

This is the master bedroom and I lived in this room when I first bought my house before renovating the basement and moving down there. It’s located upstairs and it’s the largest bedroom in the house. This room has two large closets inside the room. Because of the all the features, this room commands the highest rent price out of all the rooms.

Bedroom 2

Small Bedroom renting out rooms

Small Bedroom

This is the smallest room and also located upstairs. The actual dimensions of the room is 14” x 12”, which isn’t huge, but it’s ample enough for a person to live there. To compensate for the smaller size of the room, I offer them storage in one of the closets located in the hallway.

Bedroom 3

This room is located in the basement and was where I used to live before I left to travel the world. There is heat and air conditioning in this area just like the rest of the house. There’s a room divider that separates the bedroom area of the basement from the rest of the area. This is to create a bit of privacy or barrier when a roommate needs to use the washer and dryer, the roommate will have to go into the basement. Not a huge deal, but something I like to make aware to potential roommates. Lastly, there’s an egress window located in bedroom area so that with a step ladder there’s an alternative way to escape.


Full Bath renting out rooms

Full Bath

Half bath renting out rooms

Half Bath

There’s 2 bathrooms in the house: 1 full bath and a half bath. The full bath has a bathtub and a sink basin along with a toilet.   The half bath has just a toilet and sink basin. The full bath is located upstairs while the half bath is on the ground floor.


This is my house and the rooms I rent out. I hope this gives folks an idea of the type of bedrooms I’m renting out. It’s certainly not make shift rooms. The pictures don’t show the cleanliness level, but I try to keep things as clean as possible because everyone likes to live and stay in a clean place. Have you ever checked into a hotel and didn’t mind the filth? No I didn’t think so.

What kind of rooms do you rent out? And have you done renovations to make your room rentable?

  • Jackie August 18, 2015, 3:06 am

    I am very busy and I would love to spend sometime going over the latest.
    I wanted to mention that I had a rack behind the toilet which I thought looked great until I had to take the toilet apart because I dropped a ceramic container the kind used to put petals or herbs and hang in the clothes closet.
    It got stuck in there and I did not know what it was until the toilet was out.
    I am also planning to remove the sink disposal. This year twice I had to take apart the p trap, one from egg shells, the other potato peels. I was around to fix it this year but a previous year it cost me $75 to have the electrician check it out and remove something that was binding it.
    Best Regards

  • Evelyn O Bradshaw May 23, 2016, 1:25 pm

    I’ve advertised on Craig’s List and Easy Room Mates. I live in a townhouse with the master bedroom downstairs and there are two bedrooms and a bath upstairs. I used one of the bedrooms upstairs for storage, so I’m trying to find a good tenant for my furnished bedroom, private bath, with the rent including everything. I’m not getting any feedback from Easy Room Mates and no satisfactory responses from Craig’s List. I’m looking for a clean, good, honest, dependable person who works away from home or one who travels and needs a homebase. I need someone long term, but will do 6-months leases. Can you give me advise how to accomplish this?


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