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I’m writing this post as I’m sitting in the airport in D.C. waiting to board my flight to South Africa where I’ll explore some of the continent and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Needless to say I’ll be in and out of e-mail and phone contact, yet I’ll have a roommate moving out and hopefully a new one moving in.

My roommate who replaced me in the basement room is moving out and I need to find a replacement to maintain the same level of rental income. I’ve posted an advertisement on craigslist and other mediums. So far, I’ve received a few interests and showed my house. The problem of getting someone to move-in stems from the predicament that my current roommate in the basement doesn’t know his exact move-out date, thus making it difficult to plan for anyone who wants to move in.

Loosing a roommate is not an ideal situation especially because I’m not working full-time, but I did plan for such occurrences by having money stashed away as “unoccupancy” money for any shortfalls each month. If I can avoid tapping into the reserves, all the better for my travel funds and my peace of mind.


I have one roommate who is responsible and trust. I just sent off an e-mail to him with my guidelines from the guidetorentingoutrooms.com e-book as a basis for selecting a potential roommates.

In exchange for his time, I’m paying him a percentage of the first two full-months of rent I receive. I think this is adequate compensation and motivation for any responsible individual to find a roommate. A showing only takes 10-15 minutes and responding to e-mails is just as trivial as responding to a text. The real decision is making the right selection with a roommate and setting the proper expectations on living in my house.

When I return 7 weeks from now, I’ll be either coming back to an empty basement or an unfamiliar face. I’m really interested on how this will turn out. On the positive note, I’ll have a lot of pictures and memories. And if I don’t get mugged in Dar es Salaam, I’ll take it as a huge positive even if I’m coming back to an empty basement.

I guess step one is done – letting go.  Here we go. Stay tuned.


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