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I wrote about my new job and how I want to move closer rather than driving an hour each way to work. Well, I found a place 10 minutes away from my new job for $400 per month with all utilities included. To some this may sound really cheap or expensive. It’s all relative depending on which metro area you you’re located. I’m in the greater Hartford area and $400 is cheap. Does that mean, this place is a dump?

The room I'm renting

The room I’m renting

No not entirely, the room is small, but suits my needs as I’ll only be there during the weekdays. I took a photo with a full-size mattress in the frame for perspective.  This room completely different in terms of the size of the rooms I rent out. I wrote a post showing the rooms I rent out along with the common areas.

The house has two full bathrooms in addition to four bedrooms. The “live-in landlord” lives in one of the rooms upstairs while the other rooms are rented out at a fixed price.


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