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balloons in the airport terminal
I’ve spent more time roaming about the country than at my townhouse during the past four days.  In fact, right now I’m writing this blog post in the airport on my way back to my home state.  For most homeowners, they wouldn’t think to leave their house when they are renting out a room, but you’re feeling may change after your roommates have built up their trust, hence the reason why I’m traveling for several consecutive days.

Preparing for a Move Out

I may have mentioned this before, but if I didn’t, one of my roommates is moving out this Thursday and is preparing to slowly move his stuff out.  During this trip, he sent me a text message asking me permission if he could move some of his bigger furniture in the living room with a friend so he didn’t have to move it all by himself on Thursday.  I gave him the “okay.” Even when I’m home, my roommate still asks for permission.  This is awesome because it makes me feel the like boss, which is rightly so because I own the place.

I shouldn’t be surprised if I find his furniture in my living room when I come home tonight.

I’ll have to be home because he has to give me his key back and I have to give him his security deposit.  There’s no other way around it.  Other logistically items to care of during his move out is:

  • Mailing address – I would like to have a mailing address from him so that I can forward his mail to his new address.  He said he already has setup mail forwarding with the post office ( Good work, my friend) so that I shouldn’t have to send anything to him.
  • Testimonials – I always ask previous roommates on their experience living in my townhouse.  This becomes a powerful advertising/marketing tool.  I’ll elaborate on this more, when I write my post on how I use craigslist.

Asking for Permission Not Forgiveness

This brings up another point about asking for permission.  This same roommate always asks for permission before he does anything that may affect me.  For instance, he’ll ask me for permission when he has friends over or does anything that out of his norm.

It’s when roommates asks permission before they do anything questionable that makes me feeling comfortable with leaving them home alone.   I can’t explain why roommate ask for permission, but I can tell you that all my roommates were people that I didn’t know prior to moving in.  In other words, they were complete strangers; they weren’t co-works, or friends of friends.  I feel if this wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t ask for permission or feel obligated to tell me that they are doing something (out of the ordinary) that might affect me.  Maybe I seem anal, but I don’t think that’s the case.  I’m pretty easy going and always try to accommodate my roommates when they want to do something out of the norm.

Being Lenient on my Rental Terms

I one time allowed a roommate to have his girlfriend cat in my townhouse even though I didn’t allow any pets.  I allowed this because:

Short term – The cat was only going to be living in my townhouse for a month.  He was planning on moving out and buying a house with his girlfriend.  So he needed to take care of his girl friend’s cat while his girl friend moved out of current leased apartment

Confined – The cat was going to be confined to his bedroom rather than having the cat roam around my entire townhouse.  Am I mean for confining the cat to his bedroom?

Looking for #9

I’m currently in the market for roommate number 9.  Yes, this will be the ninth different roommate I’ll have move in – not a big mile stone, but something new to look forward to.  I hope my easy going personality can land a roommate as courteous as the roommate that is moving out.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RangerRick


Stay tuned.  Please connect with me if you haven’t already done so. I’m working on a killer post on using craiglist for finding roommates.



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