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Last week, I received an e-mail from a roommate who’s extremely interested in moving.  He stated that his job requires him to be away for three weeks during a month, which is the best roommate – paying rent and living somewhere else.  The only downside  is that the potential roommate wants to move in at the earliest, 2 to 3 months from now, which from a live-in landlord’s point of view is an eternity especially if I’m trying to reach my goal.

After several e-mails back and forth about specific questions he had, he wanted to setup a time for his girlfriend to come by and take a look at my place since he physically couldn’t be there due to work obligations.  Normally, I would be slightly suspicious, but his story checked out and his girlfriend contacted me over the phone to setup a time to show my place.

I met up with his girlfriend earlier this week and showed her the “MTV cribs tour” of my place.  She inquired about my living habits, which wasn’t out of the ordinary from past showings.  There were somethings she did that was definitely different than my previous showings,

  1. She took pictures of the common areas to show her boyfriend.  Given the fact he’s away on work travel and couldn’t physically see my place, I allowed the pictures, which I felt comfortable with.
  2. She’s also gauging my personality so that she can relay that information to the person that’s actually going to be living there.  I mean I can’t blame her if she’s asking questions about hobbies and work related stuff.  At no point during the meet up did I feel awkward about the questions she asked.  Everything was seemed fair and in-line with what others would ask.

Two Months

A lot can happen in two months.  So when he tells me that he’s interested in moving in two months, I need to know that he’s serious.  So what I’m thinking about doing is asking him for the rent money up front so that he’s committed.  When you have your hard earned money committee that you’re in, it’s just a psychological thing.

In addition, he asked for a rent reduction because he’s going to be away three out of the year, which I think it completely fair.  How much to reduce his rent by all depends on how long he’ll stay.  He anticipates staying about 6 to 8 months, which isn’t a long term deal.  So that’s my on plate right now.

What do you think, should I ask him for several months of rent payment in advance because he’s moving in about two month from now?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Snodgrass


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