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Lost and alone
Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been away on vacation and thought I would have the time to post something upon my return, but as evident from the lack of post that didn’t happen.

So, what’s new in the world of renting out rooms?  Two things occurred in my house.  One of which happened while I was away on vacation and the other happened the week I returned.

  1. While I was away, my wireless route (Apple Time Capsule) stopped working.  Rightly so, this unit was 2 plus years old and there’s been a number of reported incidences of these units failing.  Without the Time Capsule device, there’s no wireless internet, which is a devastating loss for my roommates as we don’t have cable TV.  One of my roommates took the liberty to go buy one with his own resources, albeit a high end one because, well, that’s the way he is with his computer stuff.  He wants the best performing device to obviate any obstacles that may interfere with his gaming.
  2. My first week back from vacation, my hot water heater quit working while I was at work.  To any homeowner, when a hot water heater fails, it’s never good news because it often equates to water damage  and no hot water

I’m fortunate my two roommates were home while this happened and that they were competent enough to shut off the supply to the water heater.  In addition, they took time to clean up the water in the laundry room before any more water seeped into my bedroom area of the basement.  The vast majority of other roommates would have panicked and would have been clueless on the proper action.  I can’t be anymore grateful for the water damage they mitigated.

Since the hot water heater failed because of normal wear and tear, it’s my sole responsibility to fix it in a timely manner.  There’s no justification for me to split the cost of the repair with my roommates.  I’m the homeowner and my roommates are my almost like my paying customers.  I’m the business owner providing a service to my two roommates.  I’m responsible for ensuring everything is in proper order because it’s the reason why I’m in business.

Creative Commons License photo credit: scott1723


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