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My house doesn’t have individual locks on any of the bedroom doors. All the roommates respect each other’s space and only enter each other’s room with permission. So far there hasn’t been any problems and the only key my roommates need is the key to the front door.

When a roommate moves out, they just hand in their key and I return their security deposit. It’s quite a simple process. I never had to change the front door locks because I have control over who has a copy of the key. Though, this doesn’t prevent a roommate from making a copy of the front door key, again I never had a problem.

I know some “live-in” landlords have locks on the bedroom doors so that the roommate can secure their room when they leave. This might add a sense of security for the roommate, which may be a feature to roommates, especially if they don’t know each other.

I would like to point out that if a roommate happens to lock themselves out or lose their keys, then you as a “live-in” landlord must have a back-up plan if this situation ever arises.

A few years ago, I had a roommate who would forget his keys and lock himself out. I mean once of twice is acceptable, but it was a habit and leaving work early to deal with it was just an annoyance. This is one reason why I don’t put locks on each individual bedroom door.


I bring this key policy up because I just took an engineering job an hour away from my home and I’m looking to move closer. I found a room to rent for a whopping $400 per month in an area of a not so good town. I’m just looking for a place to rest my head during weekdays and stay at my house during the weekends.

Every “live-in” landlord seems to have their own policy on whether they want to run a background check or not. This guy didn’t require one, he just required a proof of employment, which I can procure. The guy just wanted a security deposit for the keys, which is what I do.

I’ll post picture of the room I’m renting in another post

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  • Tina November 21, 2016, 5:33 pm

    I have a non-key entry for my front door. The tenants simply get a code to enter and the door unlocks. I (rent 3 rooms) everyone appreciates them and feels much safer. As someone moves out I just delete the code and replace it with a new renter code. In time I would like to do the same with the bedrooms. The gals love thier privacy and there have been just a couple times they locked themselves out and I had to let them in their room.


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