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While I was away on my trip of a life time, my ninth roommate to cycle through my spare room moved out because he found a better job opportunity in another part of the state.  Understandingly so, opportunity knocks and you can’t let it slip away, which is why this is the most common reason why a roommate moves out.  The cool part about this roommate was that he moved out mid-month, but he paid rent for the full month.  Normally, I would receive notification that a roommate is moving out and I would pro-rate the rent for that month.  Since I was away and he paid his rent via my favorite method, he just let me have half the rent money for the month because he figured my month-to-month term is way better alternative to signing a yearly lease and breaking it.

So, If I can find a roommate relatively quickly, I can double dip on the rent money for part of April.

Did I have any luck with finding a new roommate?  Not exactly, I had one legitimate inquiry from a person who found my advertisement on craigslist.  However, I wouldn’t call him a reliable roommate because he had a job as a cashier at a gas station.  Now, I don’t like to discriminate, but based on my past experience, retail workers seemed to be the most unreliable roommates in terms of paying rent.  So, if history repeats itself, I’m just missing out on the hassle of trying to collect rent from someone that doesn’t have it.

The road ahead is a challenge.  For one, I need to find another roommate in addition to the current roommate I have so that I can pay off my second mortgage by year end.  The challenge comes when the response from roommates seems to be few and far in between.  A few months ago when my ninth roommate moved in, it was my only correspondence with a potential roommate.  Given the lack of responses(only one), I had no choice, but to go with the only person that reached out to me, which didn’t turn out bad.  He did have one problem that I wasn’t fond of, but other than that he was respectful and clean.

In my future roommate advertisements, I may need to lower my rent to make my spare room more attractive.  This is something I’ve never done before.  So I’ll see how the responses change with the lower rent price.


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