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This past weekend, one of chores I accomplished was replacing brake pads and rotors on my truck.  I’ve replaced brakes pads numerous times on past vehicles I’ve owned and felt comfortable with doing the maintenance myself.  However, I’ve never replaced rotors myself.  I figured it shouldn’t involve much more work than replacing the brake pads and I could probably do it myself.

To see how much additional work was required to replace the rotors, I searched the Internet for write-ups and videos.

What I found was a slew of write-ups in forums from Ford F-150 owners who have replaced their own rotors.   Some owners went to into more detail than others, but for the most part, these owners explained the steps to replace rotors AND solutions to problems they encountered during the process.

Relating This To Renting Out Rooms

When I first started to rent out my rooms, I didn’t know much about the topic.  To educate myself, I searched the Internet.

What I found were vague articles on ehow and wikihow explaining how to rent out rooms.  These articles were of little value to me because they didn’t go in to a lot of detail.  I suspect they were written by authors who had little first hand experience or none at all.  I’m not saying they are wrong, but the articles are just not enough to give reader the confidence they need to rent out a room.

Getting back to my weekend work on replacing my brake pads.

I was able to replace my rotors because I was able to find write-ups by other Ford F-150 owners detailing the challenges they encountered and their solutions to overcome these challenges.  If I followed a list of steps from an arbitrary automotive book to replace the rotors, I would have been frustrated at the step that required the removal of the old rotors because apparently it is a bear of task removing old rotors(the elements causes the rotors and axle to rust).  Luckily, I’ve had the advice of other F-150 giving their thoughts as to the best way to remove the old rotors(several hard hits with a sledge hammer is enough persuasion to overcome the forces of rust).

Despite that I have never replaced rotors myself, after reading what other owners had to say about the rotor replacement process, it gave me the knowledge and the confidence that I needed to replace the rotors myself.  When I did encounter a problem, I could choose from possible solutions that worked for other truck owners.  Thus, minimizing my frustration and my time to complete the task.

Putting it Together

This same approach can be analogous to renting out a room in your house.  The articles on ehow and wikihow describe steps on how to rent out a room, but these resources don’t have the first hand experience explaining what could go wrong and what to do to overcome obstacles.  These articles are just guidelines to follow and just that.  They offer no solution to a particular problem a homeowner may face during the overall process.

This is one of the main drivers that led me to create this blog.  I want to take my first hand experience about renting out a room and make it available to give them the knowledge and most importantly the confidence with minimal problems.

I’ll continue to be candid about everything with renting out a room to a complete stranger.  I’ll most likely won’t go into specific detail on how we split common items such as toilet paper or paper towels, but who knows!

Lastly, this post wasn’t a tip to make you more knowledgeable in renting out a room, but a direction in where I want to take with this blog.  If anyone has any objections please comment or e-mail me.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ChicagoGeek


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