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I’m a huge fan of sites such as slickdeals.net and dealnews.com, which are aggregate sites that feature the best online and in-store deals.  Because of sites like these, I never have to pay full price for anything.  Slickdeals tends to have a lot of computer hardware and electronic gadgets.  Dealnews tends to have a whole range of items from cloths to electronics.I’m always a value based shopper and you should be too if you’re trying to pay off debt or just like saving money.

Anyway, during the middle of November on slickdeals, I stumbled across a great value on a new range top stove.  My current one was getting old and the bake feature didn’t work properly. So it was time to upgrade.

Slickdeal listed a stainless steal stove top either in gas or electric for $398 that was marked down from $649.

The "Slickdeal"

The “Slickdeal”

I thought about it for a day before actually pulling the trigger.  In fact, I went into the store to “kick the tires” on the unit before buying it online.

I think the price was valid in-store and online, but the online version was a slightly different and wanted that one because the clock display was different(better?).

Slickdeal screenshot

Slickdeal screenshot

Regardless if you bought the item online or in-store, Home Depot has a free delivery and haul away service.  The caveat being is that they only have selected days for the delivery.  I bought the range top on Nov 14th and the earliest I was able to take delivery was Nov 26th.


The delivery service at Home Depot was efficient. I received a phone call the day before the schedule delivery date to narrow down the delivery time frame within four hours.  On the day of delivery, I receive a phone call a half an hour before the delivery time, which is nice because I didn’t have to wait around for 4 hours wondering when the delivery would be made.

The whole delivery took about 45 minutes.  One delivery guy came in my house and saw the old range top and gave it a good ole heave to budge it.  Then the other guy came in with some straps to haul it away.

While they were hauling it away, I took the opportunity to clean the dust bunnies and other unknown food items that remained along side the cabinets and on the floor in the space occupied by the range top.

Just as I was finishing up, they arrived with the new range top.

The new Range Top

The new Range Top

Before I had them move the new stove top in place, I checked a few things:

  • I made sure the actual item ordered was actually delivered.  I checked the part number on the unit with the part number on my e-mail order confirmation.
  • I inspected the item for any physical or cosmetic damage.  Since it’s a new item purchased from a retailer, it should be free of any defects caused by shipping or manufacturing.  I didn’t notice any defects, so we were good to go. Noticing defects after delivery makes things complicated because you’re unable to prove whether it was a defect before or after delivery.
  • After the item was installed, I made sure it worked. In my case, I tested all the range top knobs and oven functions.  If there were any faulty functions, the delivery guys could perhaps haul it away and get a replacement from the warehouse.  It saves the extra step of a phone call and another scheduled delivery date.

That’s the latest upgrade to my house and my tips to avoiding any hassle with taking delivery on large purchases.



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