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I was looking for a particular plastic container to put my left over food. I dug deep in the usual cupboards where the containers are usually stored. But my efforts of finding a matching lid and container were fruitless. I think, perhaps, one of my roommates used it for leftovers and took the container to work or left it in their rooms.

These are one of the common things that tend to go missing in my kitchen. In addition, cups, spoons, and forks tend to grow legs and disappear every now and then. In another words, my roommates sometimes snack and eat whole meals in their rooms and are not always prompt in putting the dishes back. I have one roommate who I rarely see cook at home. I think he eats out most of the time at work or snacks in his room.

I’m not too bothered with this as along as the dishes eventually makes it way back to the kitchen rather than broken. Other “live-in landlords” might have a problem with this.

I think it’s a valid concern and some of you may impose rules against eating outside the kitchen partly because it isolates any food mess to the kitchen. We all know that beverages are bound to be split, which could lead to staining of carpets.

In my case, I’m pretty easy going and nothing terrible has gone wrong with allowing foods to be taken and eaten in the room. I’ve had one stain in one of the bedrooms, but I rented a rug doctor and it seemed to take care of the issue. In addition, I’m not home all the time to enforce house rules and what if they break them, what am I going to do? Have them pay a fine or be that nagging “live-in landlord?” Probably not because that’s not how I roll.

However, the problem I have now is mice in the basement room. I setup traps to eradicate them, but time will tell if the mice come back. Also to be honest, the roommate in the basement room doesn’t really keep a tidy room with food wrappers left lying around(He has the I’ll throw it out later syndrome). This could also be a major contributing factor to mice in the basement room.

My Kitchen Table

My Kitchen Table

I guess I let it happen because I don’t have a communal dining table. The only thing I have are two benches that allows two people to eat at the counter tops in the kitchen area.

Do you allow roommates to eat in their rooms?

What’s your policy? What happens if they break them?


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