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When I started this renting out rooms enterprise project in 2006, I really wished a resource existed that not only provided guidance, but also inspire me to be confident to do it. However, Google didn’t turn up anything at the time.

This past week, I received this e-mail:

I have been renting out a room for the last 2 years, but after reading your blog over the last week have been inspired to move into my loft and rent out the master bedroom. Should pay for my entire mortgage and utilities! Keep of the great job! I tried to find the posts you have from dVider, but it looks like they went out of business…

There’s a self-rewarding feeling that runs through my body when I read the aforementioned e-mail. There’s a lot of personal finance blogs that provides motivation to pay off debt or save money. Those blogs motivate folks in debt to save more and spend less.  Every blog has a different story to tell and some of those stories relate better with some than others.

My story of renting out rooms resonates well with either folks that are thinking about it or already have a room rented out and want to expand. When they hear my story, I hope that it triggers the thought process: Hey! I can do that do too!

I encourage renting out your spare room especially if you’re single. My biggest regret is not starting sooner. But looking back on it. If I wasn’t forced to think of creative ways to make money to avoid taking out student loans, I don’t think I would have rented out my spare room.

If I hadn’t rented out my spare room, I wouldn’t have started this blog. It’s funny how life decisions lead into one another.


In the e-mail, Sean makes mention of a Company called Dividr.

As I stated in my about me page, I moved into the basement. Since the basement is much larger than I needed to be. My roommates sometimes transit through the basement to the laundry area and I needed a way to divide the basement from my bedroom area from a common transit area.

The solution was simple, a room divider.

I created a partition from a sliding door from an Ikea closet system. In order to support the doors I need to vertically mount some posts, I could have used some permanently mounted posts into the ceiling and floor, but I didn’t want to damage the newly installed wood ceiling panels.

I found a company called Dividr that used a screw compression to support its posts rather than anchor bolts.

Unfortunately, the company is out of business and the posts can no longer be purchased. A similar type of posts can be purchased from Ikea, but it will involve some drilling, which may not suit some applications.

I wasn’t the first person to use doors from an Ikea closet system to make a room diver. Credit for that goes to Ikea hacks.

photo credit: peevee@ds



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