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Jamaican Potholes Vol. 1

It’s February third.  Normally, I would have two roommates right now who would each be paying rent for the bedrooms they are living in.  However, this isn’t a perfect world and things don’t always work out.

One of my roommates recently moving out, which now has reduced my collections by half.  Now, if I didn’t have a goal of paying back my second mortgage by the end of this year, I really wouldn’t be hard pressed.  But since I have a goal of paying back my second mortgage by the end of this year, I want to stick with it and not let the goal fall through.  In order for me to achieve my goal, I need to be firing on all cylinders by having both rooms rented out.  I’ve already have my room advertised on all my go to mediums, but lately, I’ve haven’t had much interest.

Revisiting the Goal

A few posts ago, I wrote about the first steps to renting out a room is to define a goal you want to achieve with the rental income so you don’t get side tracked and spend he rental income elsewhere.  I didn’t mention it during that post, but a goal is also important because it lets you focus on that goal instead of worry the small little nuisances a roommate may cause.  For instance, if the kitchen garbage is overflowing to the brim and it seems like you’re taking out the trash most of the time so you get a little annoyed.  Big Deal.  If you focus on that financial goal you want to achieve with the rental income, you’ll easily forget about the overflowing garbage.  At this point in time, I’ll take putting up with the overflowing garbage or refilling the toilet paper roll in exchange to having two steady income streams, which will ultimately help me achieve my goal.  That sounds long winded but once you get in the groove of having a steady stream of income stop, it makes your reconsider what you’ll put up with.

A Guess for the Slow Times

I have no idea what it is.  Normally, after placing an advertisement for a roommate, I would have at least three of four sincere inquiries along with a several one or two sentence inquiries.

This go around with the roommate search has really been hurting.  This is really unusually.  Maybe it’s the snowy weather here in the northeast that’s swaying from people to making a move up here or finding a new place to move.  I really don’t know what it is.  My roommate moved out right after a snowstorm so I can’t really blame it on the weather for the lack of inquires.  Maybe it’s just bad timing.  Who knows, I can’t worry about it.

Reaching Out

I paid for a subscription on roommster.com to respond to an inquiry from a prospective roommate.  I normally don’t put my advertisement on roomster.com, but the roommate searching process has been slow.  So, I’ll take what I can get.  I hope this inquiry translates into a person moving in.  It may sound like that I’m desperate enough to take any living soul, but the inquiry from this prospective roommate seems like a good fit from what was described on their profile.  I’m not looking for any warm body to move in without deeming whether they are fit for my current household.

Preparing for the Worst

I’m going to be on travel for work next week, thus making it difficult to show my room available for rent.  My other roommate is out to sea with the Navy and slated to return sometime this week according to a recent e-mail.  In the event I can get some inquiries, I can ask my roommate to show prospective roommates the empty bedroom and answer any questions.  The alternative to this idea is having the prospective roommate wait until I return from my trip.  However, this is a terrible idea.  Prospective roommates don’t like to wait on the availability of a room especially when there are other rooms or places live on the market.  I’ll have to rely on my roommate and fill him on the details when he returns from sea.  He’s been out to see for nearly a month and doesn’t know that my other roommate moved out last week.  So that will be news to him.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dwaynefagan

  • Linda February 3, 2011, 11:43 pm

    Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time finding a new roommate, Mike. Hang in there. You may have to adjust your goal to include an extra few months to pay things off, but that’s OK. It may be that you not finding a roommate so quickly is a sign of an improved economy, too. Ultimately that will be good for all of us, right? 🙂

    • Mike February 4, 2011, 10:33 pm

      Linda, Thanks for the kind words!

      My lucked turned around quickly! New Post coming soon



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