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In the past and currently, I have had roommates with significant others.  I’m a very easy going person, so I don’t mind that a roommate’s significant other visits or visits often or even stays over.  I wanted to write a short post on the positive and negative aspects with a roommate significant other.  Besides it has been a week since I posted something.

Good things about roommates with significant others

Splitting Stays Overnights Between Each Other

My roommates’ significant other may stay over a few weekends out of the month or they may stay at their significant other’s place.  The latter proves to be extremely useful when I want to do maintenance/upgrade work on my townhouse because it will leave the place unoccupied so I can shut off the water or the electricity to change out various fixtures.  I tend to schedule these tasks around when my roommates are staying over their significant other’s place.  It is convenient, but I don’t go out of my way to find roommates with significant others.

Meeting New People

If you like the idea of meeting new people, there is no better way than meeting a roommate’s significant other.  There are cases where people can’t tolerate a friend or roommates significant other for various reasons.  I tend to find that if I get along pretty well with my roommate, I generally don’t have any problems with their significant other and often find their company quite enjoyable.

Bad things about roommates with significant others

Place May Get Dirtier

Inevitably with more people occupying the same space, a place will get dirty.  This holds true with my house and having more people occupying it.  That is just normal, my roommate and I keep to a normal cleaning schedule.

Increases In Utilities

There maybe an increase with utilities if a roommate significant other is wasteful with the heat/AC.  In a previous post, I stated that having a roommate does slightly increase the utility mainly from the space they occupy.  Generally speaking, having a roommates’s significant other stay over will not increase the utilities.  But if a roommate’s significant other is wasteful with the heat/AC, then it will increase the utility bill.

May Turn into an Unofficial Roommate

This is the worst thing that could happen, fortunately, it has not happened to me so far.  I did, however, have one roommate who was planning to buy a house with his girlfriend, but his girlfriend’s lease was up before they could move in to their new house.  My roommate asked if his girlfriend could move in to my town house until they closed on their house.  I didn’t have a problem with his girlfriend so, we settled on a rent price that was fair.  He and his girlfriend stayed for about a month before they moved into their new house.   This was the extent to when a roommate significant other moved in.  It was a planned event and there were no surprises.

The bad things clearly outweigh the good things, but that does not mean all roommates with significant others are terrible roommates.  I am indifferent whether a potential roommate has a significant other.  I tend to think optimistically and try to find the good aspects of a roommate.  Lastly, if a roommate does have a significant other I have an unspoken golden rule which is LEAVE the DRAMA at the door.


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