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I receive e-mails on a daily basis on various questions, concerns, and thoughts related to renting out a room in your house.

One particular comment I received from a newbie “live-in landlord” was:

“…..for some reason the majority and most prospective of the interested renters are older than I had expected ( high 50’s to early 60’s) never had I even thought about that age group as renters…”

As of this writing, I’ve had 10 different roommates, all of which I’ve found via the Internet. The 10 different roommates came from all walks of life and included: male, female, older, younger, straight, gay, divorced, and smoking roommates.

When you’re in this business, you will have all sorts of people renting a room for you. As a “live-in landlord” it’s important but not imperative to have an open mind set. You’re not bound my regular landlord laws(check with your state) because you’re sharing your residence with someone else, therefore you have a saw who you live with.

But despite the differences in demographics amongst the roommates I had, they had one glaring common denominator: they all had a perfectly good motive to move into my spare room.

For all those newbie “live-in landlords,” a very good screening question to ask is:

Why do you want to move in?

If their intention and reliability of their job fit the bill, they may be a good fit despite the difference you might see at face value, but only time will tell if they work out.


Creative Commons License photo credit: joaoism


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  • Victor December 14, 2011, 5:37 pm

    want to learn more about renting out a room in my house


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