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One of the things I have to before man winter is remove all the window A/C units. The steps involved aren’t too complicated, but it’s just heavy and cumbersome to carry the A/C units to the basement where I store them.

Air Conditioning Units

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I have to gain entry to each of the bedrooms and I always ask permission before entering; they could be home or not. The usual response from my roommates is, “yeah, that’s fine.

This is one of the few times I enter a roommates’ room.

Every time I enter a room of a new roommate, it’s a surprise. Sometimes the room is clean and tidy and everything looks normal.

Other times, it’s a disaster zone.

I didn’t take any pictures to post them because I feel that would violate their privacy.

The best I can do is describe it.

My newest roommate moved in July and I have never seen his room until I went to remove the A/C unit the other day. Everything seemed normal and tidy because this roommate likes to keep things that way.

On the other hand, my other roommate who lives in the basement room, the area is a disaster zone. The basement room is divided into two sections, a bedroom area and a living area. I knew the living area is a mess because I pass by there all the time to do laundry.

I then had to remove the A/C unit from the basement room and I had to enter the bedroom area of the room. Man, let me tell you there was everything everywhere, there’s no rhyme or reason why things are placed the way it is. There’s cloths on the floor and wheeling out the A/C unit(it’sa portable unit in the basement) was a bit of the challenge because of the all things on the floor.

As far as I’m concerned it’s just cloths and personal belongings on the floor. It looks messy by any standards. As a “live-in landlord,” I can’t really say anything to make him clean it up, if he wants to live in an dis-organized room, then by all means he’s free to do that.

Read this post if you want to determine if your roommate is a slob or not. I strongly believe there’s correlation based on the two roommates I currently have.

Were any of you shocked by the state of your roommates room when you were doing maintenance?

  • Ronda Williamson November 1, 2016, 7:19 pm

    Hi Mike,
    Recently I had a conversation with a renter, who is a generally great guy and has since found an apartment, letting him know that the smell from his room was pretty rank. It could be smelled any time he opened the door. It smelled like a locker room. He said he could not smell anything due to allergies. I think that the piles of dirty clothes, the empty cans of chili and soda cans, and his absence of showers have may contributed to this. I had also caught a few mice in the adjacent kitchen also, suggesting that he may not be the only one enjoying his living quarters. The room is now cleaned and refreshed , ready for a new occupant

  • KC November 2, 2016, 7:30 pm

    We had a 23-something man with hygiene was like that of a slovenly 9 year old boy. It wasn’t until we had to move and cleaned up his space that we found out how repulsive his habits were. Like you mentioned; clothes on the floor and general disarray are tolerable in a housemate, it’s their room after all. But when all the stuffwas removed, we had to steam clean the carpet due to food left on plates on the floor. That was not the worst of it, though.
    First – boogers. Yep, rather than use a Kleenex or get up, he would smear boogers on the wall near the head of his bed.
    And then there was the bathroom. He never cleaned it. He had let mold grow on the tub floor and in the toilet to the point that after killing it with bleach and scrubbing them clean, we found the mold had actually pitted both! Not to the bare iron, but the ceramic tub coating and the porcelain of the toilet had irregular divots that could not be fixed without recoating.

  • Rose Mullen August 25, 2017, 11:35 pm

    I cannot get your downloads it says my email incorrect. Never had this prob . I wanted to know your overnight guest policy.
    Thanks, Rosie


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