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So far, I have been very candid with the financial relief and freedom the rental income provides for me.  In this post, I want to be candid on what’s its like returning home from a week-long trip living with roommates who were complete strangers when they first moved in.

Going away on vacation or for work is something you may encounter when you rent out a room and I know there has to be some people that are weary of leaving their roommates by themselves.

Going Away without the Pep Talk

The week before I go away, I tell my roommates I’m going to be on travel for work. I usually remind them several days before I leave and to keep after the place.

Since there were conflicting schedules between my roommates and I, I didn’t have a chance to deliver a pep talk reminder prior to leaving.  I didn’t leave any notes nor did I send a text message to my roommates stating what needs to be done.

Just as a test to see how they would keep up with the place, I didn’t do anything except go about my life.

On Friday night, when I returned home from work travel, nothing was out of the ordinary.  There were no dishes piled up in the sink except for one plate and fork lying next to the sink.  The trash can wasn’t overflowing with trash.  The mail was on the kitchen counter, disorganized, but nevertheless collected on the counter.

I posted some pictures to show what my placed looked like when I returned.

View of the kitchen sink

View of the trash can

View of the mail on the counter

My Thoughts on the Cleanliness of my Place

These photos were taken Saturday morning because as I was absolutely exhausted when I arrived home Friday night and just wanted to sleep.  In my opinion, I can’t complain at all of what my looked like when I returned.

There was ONE plate and ONE fork left out.

The mail was all disorganized on the counter.

The bottom line is that I was able to go away and do what I had to do and not worry about whether if my roommates were taking care of my place.

For the rent money I am receiving every month, I don’t mind putting up with the very slight inconveniences.  I think I’m fortunate to have reliable roommates who I can leave alone and go on travel.

Of course, my roommates could have been messy and cleaned up everything before I arrived home.  If this was the case, which I don’t suspect at all, but if it were, I can’t complain because they were responsible enough to keep the place tidy.

Does my pictures of the kitchen sink, trash can and kitchen counter look acceptable to you?


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