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Hello from Down Under!


The freedom I have with the absence of a full-time desk job has been great!  Everything is going well with my house as far as I know.

My roommates have paid the last two months rent on-time and in-full.

I’ve been able to pay all bills electronically from abroad.

I have some friends – a husband and wife couple in Melbourne, Australia – and they were kind enough to let me stay at their flat while they were away for a long weekend.


I first met them at a conference a few years ago and we stayed in touch through Google Hangouts.  If you haven’t tried a hang out, I highly suggest it.  It’s a great way for a group of friends to stay in touch.  There are a lot of funny features that can keep you entertained for hours.

Anyway, the couple knows about my renting out rooms endeavor.  Presumably, they realize that since I’m a property owner myself, they know I like to have my property treated with respect. Because of this, I think I was a shoe-in to be their guest to house sit despite the fact that we’ve only met once in person.

If you’re ever in the need of renting a place on AirbnB or VBRO.com, I strongly think it’s important to let your hosts know that you’re a property owner, this will build credibility and hopefully your host will select you over other candidates.


There’s not much for me to report on my place since I’m not home.  I do keep in touch via text and e-mail with my roommates back at my house.  Other than that, I’ll return ever few months to check-in.  This also gives me an opportunity to interview potential roommates if a room is vacant.


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