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If you’re thinking about renting out a room or already doing so, I want to reiterate an important tip that I shared when I wrote this post.  I stress this tip again because I feel its über important if you’re renting out a spare room to a roommate who you don’t know well.

In addition, I almost had to make use of my very own tip for the concern of my new roommate who has only been renting my spare room for a little over a week.

To elaborate more, this past weekend, this new roommate went home to visit his parents (they live in another state) and it was late Tuesday night and I have not seen him since Friday when he left for his parent’s.  He holds a normal 9 to 5 job, Monday through Friday, so it had me a little concerned that he did not make it back from his parent’s house for work on Monday.

I know I’m not his mother and it’s his own responsibility to show up to work, but when a roommate who just moved in a week ago is suddenly gone for a few days during a normal workweek.  It’s out of the norm and will have anyone concerned.

On Wednesday morning, I sent him a text message asking if everything was all right.  I was fortunate to receive a response that he was all right and was away on business travel.

Had I not received a response, I probably would of sent another text message and called his emergency contact.

My advice to anyone renting out a room to someone that they met via an online medium, I highly recommended asking for an emergency contact.

Two reasons to ask for an emergency contact:

  1. It’s a secondary way to contact your roommate for true emergency situations
  2. A possible way to receive rent money if they skipped a month or avoiding you when it comes time to pay the rent

As shown by this example, it’s advantageous to ask for an emergency contact.  Even with all the numerous ways to keep in touch these days with the advent of technology, it’s always best to have a secondary person as a way to reach out to your roommate.  Keep this thought in mind when you have a new roommate moving in.

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