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I never had a couple as roommates before. The only experience I had was when one of my roommates was in the midst of purchasing a house with his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s lease expired before they could move-in to their house while my roommate was on a month-to-month agreement with me.

You can probably guess where the girlfriend ended up moving in with for the short duration before they could move into their house.

You guessed it! She ended up moving with my roommate who was renting a room from me.

I’ve had the roommate for about a year and met the girlfriend a few times. So when my roommate asked me if she could move in for 2 months while they wait to close and move in on their house. I agreed mostly because it wasn’t a couple that was moving in cold from the start.

Had it been a couple moving in cold without living with either one of them, I would not have agreed to it. I feel it creates a situation where a complaint lobbied from one of them would be a complaint lobbied by both and having an argument of two people against me is not something I want to deal with.

What are your thoughts? Have you considered or had a couple as roommates?

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  • Sean October 2, 2015, 11:35 pm

    I also never rent to couples though I would probably agree as you did. I would have asked for $25 to $50 more each month to cover the extra utilities. Or, I guess if you split utilities, divide it by the extra person because you know she is going to take long showers!


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