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I checked my e-mail account early morning  yesterday(I leave for work early everyday so I end up checking my e-mail early too) and found that I received a new message from roommates.com early, which was sent late last night.  I quickly glanced over the profile of the prospective roommate and determined the message was from a legitimate roommate.  However, in order to read the message, I had to pay for a subscription to roommates.com.  Now, I normally would signed up for 60 day subscription for $29.99, but since I’ll be on travel for a good part of the month I didn’t think it would be worth it.  Instead, I signed up for the 3-day trial for $5.99 just to read the new message.

The New Message

The new message was pathetic – a one liner.  Take a look at the screen shot.

Screen shot of the message I received from a prospective roommate via roommates.com

I was disappointed.  I replied to the message thinking I had nothing to loose.  Later that morning, I received another message from the same prospective roommate via the roommates.com messaging system.

This time, the e-mail stated that he couldn’t read messages on the roommates.com mailing system because he didn’t pay for a subscription, but he did provide his personal e-mail address and asked me to send him an e-mail that way.  Okay, fair enough.  So I e-mailed the prospective new roommate and suddenly we were engaged in an e-mail conversation about the rent price, the term and all that stuff.

We finally ended up talking over the phone after several back and forth e-mails.  I found the roommate to be a good fit during out telephone conversation; he graduated from my alma mater and will be working in the IT department of a large pharmaceutical company.   We ended our conversation with plans to meet up at my townhouse so that I can show him the spare bedroom and the rest of my place.

The MTV Cribs Tour

We’ve all seen the show MTV cribs where celebrities show off their extravagant houses.  Well, when I show prospective roommates my townhouse, I’m giving my version of the MTV cribs tour except it’s just toned down a bit.  It’s toned downed a lot – I don’t have the 6 car garage, the swimming pool nor anything fancy.  Instead, the awesome amenities I show off include:

  • Their bedroom complete with wall-to-wall carpet.
  • The Washer/dryer combo with choice of detergent.
  • The bathroom complete with a full variety of reading material.
  • The 32” older style tube TV that occupies the corner of the living room.
  • The back deck complete with a function “Char-Broil” grill.
  • Last but not least, the inside of the refrigerator.  Hey, everyone on MTV cribs shows off the inside of their fridge, why can’t I?
  • If you’re giving a tour of you abode, give the full MTV cribs tour.

Question Time

I asked the typical questions I ask all prospective roommates during a showing.  Some of these questions include:

  1. What do you plan on moving in? – this tells me if they are moving anything unusual large electricity sucking appliance that will kill my electric budget.   Given this prospective roommate is just out of school, he had nothing valuable or unusual.
  2. What time do you go to work? – I have 1.5 baths in my place, so I just want to let me know of any overlaps in the bathroom use.  So far out of the 8 roommates I had, I haven’t had a problem with the overlap in the bathroom use.
  3. Do you cook in/eat out? – I really don’t care if they eat in or out.  It just gives me a way to gauge if I need to do my cooking around their cooking.
  4. What kind of hobbies do you have? – I’m trying to figure out their personality and to see whether if have anything in common to shoot the breeze with.  It turned out this prospective roommate and I graduated from the same college so we had a quite a bit to talk.

Final Thoughts

The timing worked out that I found a compatible roommate a few days before I leave for a week-long work trip.  Had I not found this roommate , I would have at least be loosing half of this month’s rent.  You can say, I kind of got lucky this time. This new roommate is the ninth different roommate that has lived in one of my two bedrooms.

I feel comfortable having this new roommate move in while I’m away on travel.  It seems like he’s just a recent college graduate that’s getting started in life.  Also, my other roommate who I trust is back home from his time at sea so I can leave him in charge to look over this new roommate.

However, I’ll be looking for a tenth roommate in 6 months as this new roommate expressed that he is only looking to live here about six months.  But who knows, things could change in the future.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kirstyhall



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