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The show is over
Over the weekend, I found my 10th different roommate to move in.  As expected, every roommate has been different and this new guy is no exception – he’s the oldest roommate that I had to date at the age of 42.  Ever since I started this venture, I’ve never once discriminated against a roommate based on their age, sex, and color.  With this all said, I think this is the right time to introduce discrimination and that one shouldn’t discriminate against a potential roommate regardless of their age, sex, or color.


There’s several reason why I don’t discriminate.


One, it’s illegal, craigslist specifically has rule against posting discriminatory advertisements in their housing section.

Second, I travel a lot. I mean a lot.  I’ve traveled to different parts of the world with different cultures.  The experience of these foreign environments and cultures has really opened my mind for myself not to judge people based on their culture or appearance.


If a potential roommate were a different color or different age, I wouldn’t take that into a factor, but more so take the factors of:

  • Can the co-exist with me and my other roommate?
  • Are they responsible to clean up after themselves?
  • Can they PAY rent on time?

These are the questions that I ask myself when I’m trying to figure out whether a roommate is a good fit or not.  After all, the color of money is the same no matter what type of person it’s coming from.  I’m really fortunate enough that I’ve had the opportunity to travel to expand my horizons and not to be judgmental.

In the case of the new roommate, he’s 42 years old, yeah so he’s a little older than me.  He tells me he has a reserved personality and is busy with two jobs.  In reality, if he spends most of his time at his two jobs and pays rent, he could work out to be the perfect roommate.  In addition, he provided a ton of reference from previous landlords, it’s obvious he’s got nothing to hide(I’ve never bothered to check his references, but the dates and such all seem to align).

So it’s set, this guy has paid his security deposit and his rent and is set to move in the middle of June.

Besides, if I don’t have different roommates with different stories, this blog wouldn’t be interesting to read anyway.  So it’s fitting that I find different roommates.


The Flip Side

On the other hand, I can see an argument being made that it’s my house and I want to be comfortable with the person I want as my roommate.  This is understandable, you’re sharing your living space with some total stranger and you at least want someone that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you meet them, especially, if you’re like my friend Paula who likes the company of roommates and wants a roommate for social aspect in addition to the financial aspect.

If you’re faced with a situation where a potential roommate has a ton of reliable references and has never paid rent late, what else could you ask for in a roommate?  Who cares how old the person is or race?

This is just my perspective on the whole different age roommate issue.  Like I said before in my previous posts, I’m renting out my spare rooms to reach my goal and the color of money is the same regardless of the roommate.  In short, I’m looking for a responsible roommate that can be respective and pay on time.

Creative Commons License photo credit: faungg

  • Marie at familymoneyvalues June 3, 2011, 4:41 pm

    Good for you for adding passive income to your stream!
    That said, I’m curious that you didn’t check this guys references!

  • Ricks January 4, 2013, 4:12 am

    Living with people is really teaching me to try to let things go where I should… and not make a big deal out of small issues… but it still baffles me that you seem to lack horror stories.

    Maybe you are just that good at screening personalities…

    I think my biggest issue is getting people to respect me as the landlord, seeing as I do not technically own the house, it belongs to my mother… who is never even there…


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