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Solukhumbu Trail 2010 photos Julien Rocher (280)
For the next three weeks, I’m going to be away in away in Nepal trekking to the Base Camp of Mt Everest.  I’m pretty stoked about this trip.  I’ve never done anything this big in my life.  I’m traveling to Nepal by myself my flight connections looks like this:

Flight map to Kathmandu

I had an overnight stop over in Bahrain.  It wasn’t as scary as I expected.  When I landed in Bahrain, I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and back to the airport the next morning.  With that said, I really didn’t see anything in the city.  There was a 8pm to 4 am curfew imposed by the government and I was not about to test how stringent they were on their curfew.  At the hotel in Bahrain, there definitely was an erie feeling because the number of hotel staff out number the hotel guests.  For instance, I was one of six people eating at the massive hotel restaurant.  The next morning I left at 7:45 am for my 11:30 am flight because I just didn’t feel comfortable staying at the massive Sheraton Hotel with only a few other guests.

As for the trek, I’m going to be part of a group of 4 people led by a guide from Mountain Monarchs.  I’ve found this guide based on reviews from tripadvisor.com after messaging people who have hired this particular guide.  The responses all indicated positive thoughts.  So that’s how I ended up choosing Mountain Monarchs.

Trekking Map to Base Camp of Everest

With Mt Everest in the Himalayas, I highly doubt I’m going to have access to the internet and other forms of contact.  In this sense, my roommates are truly on their own for the next three week(this is how long a round trip trek to base camp takes).  Before I left, I’ve reminded them of the things to keep tabs on while I’m away these include:

Getting the Mail – Simple enough task to do.  My mail will be piled up on the kitchen counter.  If I find the mail box stuff to the brim with weeks old mail, I’m going to have a talk with my roommates.  Retrieving the mail is not that hard or time consuming.

Watering the Plants – I have two houseplants that I acquired from other roommates.  It would be ashamed to see these plants die.  I hope my current roommates feel the same sentiment.

Taking Out the Trash – I really hope they take out the trash and any recycle glass or plastic that piles up on the counter.  I can’t imagine this piling up.   They have to walk by the garbage can everyday and simply letting the trash pile up is pure negligence.

Creative Commons License photo credit: akunamatata


I’ll write back on the condition of my townhouse and the picture from my trip when I return from this trip.  In the mean time, I have some guest posts lined up in the coming week.


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  • Sandy @ yesiamcheap April 8, 2011, 10:45 pm


    This sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I hope that you’re having a great time trekking up the mountain. I’ll look forward to the photos and will pray that your house is intact when you get back.


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