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Earlier this week, my roommate had his girlfriend visit from out of state for a few days.  As I mentioned before, I don’t mind having significant others stay over and she certainly was no exception.  This was the first real opportunity I had to meet her versus a quick “Hi, my name is Mike, how are you?”  So it was quite pleasant to talk more.  She also is visiting again this weekend, but I won’t be here for because I’m going home to take care of some logistical issues before I depart for my trip to South Korea.

On another note, I’m going to rant a little bit about the garbage, specifically the kitchen garbage.  My roommates and I sort trash and recyclables (plastic, glass, cardboard), which is a good thing.  We don’t have a dedicated bin for the recyclables so instead, we place the recyclables on the counter top near the trash bin.  With three people living there, the trash and recycling piles up fast.  I find myself taking out the trash more than my fair share of the time.  When these annoyances do arise, I remind myself of why I rent out rooms to being with to tolerate the accumulated trash, but with a simple house chore as taking out the trash, everyone should be chipping in.  After all, each one of us creates trash.  I have to give credit to one of my roommates, he does do try and keep up with his part in taking out the trash.  So, it’s a welcome site to see when I come home and the trash bin isn’t full.

The reason I about this s because my place isn’t that big, about 1500 total sq/feet and of that 500 sq/ft is on the main level.  If and when the garbage can gets full, I can smell odor emanating from the trash bin when I first enter the unit.  Imagine having a girl come over for the first time and the first thing she notice is the odor from the trash – not attractive, hence the reason for my rant.

I’m going to be more vocal about my concern and see if that changes anything.



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