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This past week, I showed my place to a potential roommate who I found via roommates.com.  I’ve been looking for a roommate for about the last two weeks and lately I’ve been finding more reliable inquires from roommates.com than with craigslist.  Anyway, with the month of May now here and the fact that I might miss out on a full months rent, I’ve become a little more desperate to find a roommate.  Just how desperate?

Well, if this potential roommate moves in, a four-legged friend would be moving in too.  Even though my roommate.com advertisements specifically states that I don’t allow dogs, I made an exception for two reasons:

  1. This dog was described calm/chill, and older.  With a calm/chill dog that spends a majority of it’s day sleeping and not jumping around, I feel it won’t do much damage.
  2. I’m desperate for a roommate.  I want to find a roommate to move in so that I don’t miss out on paying additional money to the principle of my second mortgage.

The Deal with Pets

Usually, I don’t allow pets, but I did make a one time exception in the past because of an extenuating circumstance.  The situation played out like this:

A few years ago, my roommate got his girlfriend pregnant(I can’t make this up) and they decided to buy a house together.  The lease on my roommate’s girlfriend apartment expired before the two of them could close on the house.  So my roommate’s girlfriend had to live somewhere and the most logically place was to move in with her boyfriend(my roommate).   After my roommate discussed this plan of having his girlfriend move in to my place, he also mentioned that she had a cat that had to move in too.  Given the circumstance that he going through, ie the stress of the house, the shock of finding out his girlfriend is pregnant, I agreed to let his girl friend and her cat move in if my other roommate at the time agreed to it.

My roommate anticipated the duration of this living situation to be about two months, which isn’t that long.  In addition, my roommate agreed to pay a little more rent for having his girl friend move in, which was another incentive for me to agreeing to this living situation.

That was the one and only time I allowed a pet to move in.  They kept the cat pretty much in my roommate’s room and out of the main part of the house so I barely noticed the cat.

I don’t allow pets because it’s not that I don’t like animals(I had a dog growing up as a kid).   For one, I don’t want any damage from the pet and be the cause of an argument.  Two, I’m not allegoric to dogs or cats, I don’t want the residual pet dander to prevent future roommates from moving in.

Creative Commons License photo credit: various brennemans

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  • Kathleen Ketter, DVM April 21, 2015, 5:55 pm

    Dear Mike, I understand your concern about keeping potential allergens out of the house by keeping dogs and cats out of the house. (Although I believe in later years you changed your thinking on this.) If you eliminate roommates with pets, you eliminate a lot of people and potentially remove a lot of joy from people’s live . It is always appropriate to charge a refundable pet deposit so as landlord you are not out any money should the pet cause any damage.You should enforce poop scoop laws and leash laws for both dogs and cats if in place for your county (also remind owners of rabies vaccination requirements). Call in Animal Control Officials for assistance.


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