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Some of you may be wondering who my current roommates are because I had seven different people cycle through my place and in my about me.  I’ll write about them briefly and describe what the do for work.

I currently have one male and one female roommate.  I’ll call them D and S respectively.  Both of them are working professionals.  D, the male roommates, is currently in the Navy stationed here in CT.  He works long hours since he is assigned to a submarine.  Every 4 days, he has what he calls his “duty days” where he has to be at work for 24 hours.  Thank got I never went in to the Navy.

D also goes underway so he can be away from several weeks to months.  Despite D’s busy work schedule, he does pay his rent every month like clock works via automated desposit, which I find so convenient.

S, on the other hand, my female roommates, works as admin aid at a local florist.  She works retail hours from 9 to 5.  She has busy times during the year when valentine’s day or graduations times approaches and works longer hours.  S also has a boy friend  and ends up spending half of the week at his place.

With D’s busy work schedule and S spending half of week at her boyfriends place, my two roommates are not around very much.  It’s almost like I’m living by myself again.  I never have to worry about someone hogging the bathroom or finding room in the fridge for my food.  I didn’t plan it like this, it just worked out this way with theses roommates.

D and S are my current roommates, I’ll be sure to keep to keep everyone updated if anything changes.

Creative Commons License photo credit: calebdrostphoto

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