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I got it!

Today, I’m off to the West Coast for a week-long work trip.  My new roommate was going to move in this past weekend, but he informed me that he will be moving today.  Obviously, I won’t be around when my new roommate moves in, but my other roommate returned from his underway at sea on Thursday Night.  I formed him that a new roommate will be moving in on Monday and he agreed he’ll be around to assist with any logistical issues if they arise.  I’m grateful that I have this built up trust in my current roommate to assist with dealing with the new roommate.  I’m sure he and new roommate will get along as they are both “computer guys” and have plenty to talk about.

This is the first time that I will not be present when a new roommate moves in.  If my current roommate did not return from his underway at sea, I would most likely arranged for the new roommate to move in when I return, which is probably the safe move.  But this is a non-issue at this point.

The Exchange

I gave the new roommate the key to my townhouse in exchange for the security deposit when we met for the MTV cribs tour of my townhouse.  However, he didn’t have the money for the first month’s rent.  Okay, so what do we do?   He suggested that he could wire me the money if I provided him my bank account number and routing number.  That’s awesome, since this is how I prefer to receive the rent payment every month.  I told my new roommate I would provide the necessary information to make the wire in an e-mail later that night.  His wire transfer did clear the next day.  I know most people would be apprehensive in giving account bank account information to a person whom they just met.  So what makes me comfortable in giving away my bank information?

  1. I have more than one checking account – I don’t give my account number of my primary checking account to roommates.  My primary checking account is the account where my salary gets deposited and where my bills are paid from.
  2. I have a great relationship with my bank – If anything does go wrong, I’ll go to my bank and explain your situation to them.  More likely than not, they’ll help me out just like they helped me out to rebate a past monthly maintenance fee.

Knock on wood, I’ve never had anything go wrong when I gave out my account information and routing numbers for roommates to setup monthly direct deposits.  <–I sure hope I didn’t jinx myself for just writing that.

I’m off to sunny SoCal beating the cold and snow in the northeast.  I just my week goes smoothly.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Meathead Movers


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