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One late afternoon this past January, I noticed water dribbling down the side of my hot water heater, specifically, it was dribbling from the lower heater element cover and on to the cement floor.  I investigated further by removing the panel and noticed that I had a leak.

$%^$, #$%@, I DID NOT want to deal with this right now especially on a Saturday evening, but my roommate in was at work all night and I had another roommate moving into my second room tomorrow.  So, I had to fix this right now because it was the perfect opportunity because no one was home.  Should I call a plumber, should I do it myself?  How much is this going to cost?  I did some searches on the Internet and YouTube and the repair seemed relatively simple to do.  All I had to do was replace the heater element because the rubber gasket was worn out.  I drove to the nearest Home Depot (I call it Home Cheapo sometimes) to check out the prices of a hot water heater element.  The heater elements were cheap — $12 bucks.  To my surprise, the guy at Home Depot seemed fairly knowledgeable about plumbing and re-assured me that replacing hot water heater element was simple.  He recommended that I remove my old heater element and then purchase a new heater element to ensure I bought the correct size and style.  I went back home and drained the hot water heater and removed the old heater element.  Went back to Home Cheapo and bought the replacement heater element and installed it.  The problem was fixed in a matter of hours.

Chalk it up it as another problem fixed without hiring help!! — A thing I try to aim for to save some cash, but that is not the point of the story.  When you have roommates paying you rent, you have to keep everything in working order without too much inconvenience on their part.  If it’s broken and needs to be fixed — fix it.  Problems seem to arise at the most inconvenient and unexpected times.  I didn’t want to deal the leaky hot water heater especially on a Saturday evening.  If I wanted to fix it myself, I had to fix it right then because the best time to fix anything in your house when you have roommates if when no one else is home.

Renting out your spare room is somewhat passive income, but it does with some work.  The maintenance of keeping the appliances, plumbing can be labor and time consuming if you have to make constant household repairs.  It doesn’t mean you have to be Mr. Fixit and fix everything that broken.   Paying someone else to do your house hold repairs is perfectly fine.  You have to just keep in mind that someone is paying you in exchange for a place to live, so do your part and keep everything in working condition.  They are like paying customers, would you want to stay at a hotel that does not have working appliances and such?


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